Multimedia Storytelling & Virtual Reality


Selected reference projects

Eiger Extreme VR (coming 2017) Eiger Extreme VR (coming 2017) MAMMUT Sports Group AG
#NichtEgal, 360° YouTube challenge #NichtEgal, 360° YouTube challenge Youtube, Google Germany
AXA, X-mas gone wrong AXA, X-mas gone wrong AXA Winterthur
AXA, One second way AXA, One second way AXA Winterthur / 360° reportage Air Zermatt / 360° reportage Air Zermatt / 360° reportage Eiger / 360° reportage Eiger
Giardina 16, Exhibition Zurich Giardina 16, Exhibition Zurich Messe Zürich
MAMMUT #project360 Everest MAMMUT #project360 Everest MAMMUT Sports Group AG
SRF 360° report Gotthard SRF 360° report Gotthard Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen
Caffè Ferrari Caffè Ferrari
The search for the truth The search for the truth Matterhorn Museum, Zermatt
Dismaland Dismaland Daily Mail, VIEW
Mammut #PROJECT360 Mammut #PROJECT360 Mammut Sports Group AG, Seon
Report «Hotel Baur au Lac» Report «Hotel Baur au Lac» Tagesanzeiger, Zürich
swissinfo «Matterhorn VR Story» swissinfo «Matterhorn VR Story» swissinfo, Bern
SwissLife «100 customers, Caloz» SwissLife «100 customers, Caloz» SwissLife, Zürich
SwissLife «100 customers, Urs Ritter» SwissLife «100 customers, Urs Ritter» SwissLife, Zürich
Int. Lauberhorn Races Int. Lauberhorn Races tpc ag, Zürich
SRF «Anno 1914» SRF «Anno 1914» Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen SRF, Zürich
Swisscontent Swisscontent Swisscontent AG, Zürich, Bern Schweiz Tourismus, Zürich
Ringier Corporate App Ringier Corporate App Ringier AG, Zürich
Sommermagazin 2014 Sommermagazin 2014 Schweiz Tourismus, Zürich
SRF «Wingsuit Eiger» SRF «Wingsuit Eiger» tpc ag, Zürich
App «Wunderland Schweiz» App «Wunderland Schweiz» Schweiz Tourismus, Zürich
Report «Solar Impulse» Report «Solar Impulse» Solar Impulse SA, Lausanne
Sitzungszimmer Mammut Sitzungszimmer Mammut Mammut Sports Group AG, Seon
Synagoge Basel Synagoge Basel Synagoge, Basel
App «Champions League» App «Champions League» Ringier Studios, Zürich
MAMMUT «150 years, Making Of» MAMMUT «150 years, Making Of» Mammut Sports Group, Seon
Report «Eiger North Face» Report «Eiger North Face», Zürich
Report «Heinz Julen» Report «Heinz Julen» Schweizer Illustrierte, Zürich
the collection «Prince William» the collection «Prince William» Ringier AG, Zürich
the collection «The Global Baby» the collection «The Global Baby» Ringier AG, Zürich
Report «Air Zermatt» Report «Air Zermatt», Zürich
Report «Matterhorn» Report «Matterhorn», Zürich
Report «Miss Switzerland 2010» Report «Miss Switzerland 2010», Zürich
Report «Miss Switzerland 2010» Report «Miss Switzerland 2010» Schweizer Illustrierte, Zürich
Hypobank St. Gallen Hypobank St. Gallen Hypobank St. Gallen


Tailor-made solutions from a single source

As a production agency, CONCEPT360 offers a complete range of services relating to multimedia and interactive content. From conception, production, implementation and consulting services to basic and advanced training courses.


Media-focused concepts and storyboards for virtual reality


Coordination, implementation and post-production in accordance with briefings


Modern, responsive HTML5 solutions for tablets and mobile devices


Production consulting for companies, agencies, media and publishing houses

Agency service

International image research, licensing/invoice management


Target-oriented use of new storytelling models

Interactive and multimedia formats open up new opportunities for storytelling. Thanks to our many years of experience in the field, we know how to use these new storytelling models in a target-oriented manner.

360° panoramas

From standard recording to high-resolution gigapixel images

360° tours

Virtual 360° tours for spatial visualisation and immersive experience

360° videos

Interactive cinematic experiences at the heart of the action

360° live streaming

Live 360° streaming from occasions and events

Multimedia Stories

Captivating interactive stories implemented with sound and vision

Virtual Reality

Content for Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, etc.


An extract of our list of references

Our clients includes businesses, advertising agencies, museums, media organisations and publishing houses.


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